Flowing Through My Veins

I am having a medical setback that is painful and making me grumpy.

It is another small case of cellulitis on my thigh.  I have filled my antibiotic prescription that my doctor was nice enough to give refills for the last time this happened (June).  I am still on the fence about actually taking it.  The lump appears to have gone down some today, with topical antibiotics and warm compresses.  The oral antibiotic is 4 times a day, 1 hour before or 2-3 hours after a meal, for 10 days.  I’d like to avoid that if possible.

The issue is that the location is an extremely chafey one.  Not only is this causing the pain, but it makes it unlikely that topical solutions will resolve the situation as any sort of friction, such as walking from my desk to the bathroom, will immediately undo the good work.

So…yeah.  I guess I just decided I’m taking the oral antibiotic.  Wheee!

I like to counteract this sort of pain and grumpy with some sort of culinary treat.  Junk food to take my mind off of the hard knot of bacteria throbbing in my leg.  (I bet you’re hungry now!)

And yes, there is vegetarian junk food that does not include high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils.  And yes, I do still stick to the bare minimum of my healthy eating mandates even when making poor food choices.

My small attempt at “healthy” junk food does mean I wander the aisles reading ingredient list after ingredient list.  I also knew I didn’t want truly empty calories – I am tired and if I put effort into heating something up at home, it had better make me feel stuffed to the gills.

I kept wandering, reading, searching.  Nothing was leaping out at me.  Finally I had a heart-to-heart with myself and asked, “What is it you truly want to eat that will make you feel good?”

My answer?

“Anything I can dip in Ranch dressing.”

Please note I have ingested Ranch dressing all of zero times outside the state of Wisconsin.  I am as shocked at this revelation as you are.  Cheese State assimilation 99% complete.

Also, I had to buy the “expensive” “organic” dressing just to get the ingredient list to conform to my requirements.

But now I am sitting here with a plate of mozzarella bread, veggie nuggets, and a healthy bowl of Ranch dressing.  And I am VERY happy.

I also just remembered I have salad in the fridge.  Do you suppose people put Ranch dressing on that as well?

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