Ugh and GoDaddy and Other Words Strung Together

I wrote this last Monday and didn’t publish for some reason.  Probably because I was so tired.  Oh wait.  I remember…it took me over 45 minutes to get the fire to the point it did not need babying that night.  I almost cried I was so frustrated.  I am certainly not the best at starting fires, but I do know the basics.  I usually get home first so I have lots of practice starting fires in our wood stove.  But that night the wood was damp and I could not stack the wood so it would sit right on the coals and it was just awful.

Things are better now.  For one, Tom is back.  For another, the temperatures rose to the point a fire is a luxury not a necessity.  I still hate Josh though.


I am tired and have a headache and am easily distracted. It makes for an annoying work day where I make an assumption about a piece of paperwork, email someone about it, then realize I have access to additional paperwork that can a) answer my questions or b) completely prove my assumption is incorrect.

And even after doing this twice, I will do it again. I will feel bad and give myself a stern talking to that I am better than this. I will pick up another piece of paperwork, read the first two lines, and say, “This is for X because it was X in the title! I will proceed as if it is for X without reading further!”

I’m not sure if it’s the tired or the distracted that is causing this but I am at the point in the day where I have given up self-correcting. I am just trying to do the bare minimum of work to make it until bedtime. It will save me and my co-workers much time in the long run.


I had a very unpleasant experience with GoDaddy first thing this morning, where I was trying to ask about getting a domain name registry wrapped into my hosting service to save a little money.

And the person (Josh) I spoke to has obviously heard this request before and had his answer down pat (that can only be done with a new service, not renewals) but he was so condescending and rude about it. He would not let me finish my very first sentence. He also said, “Well, the domain name is ONLY fifteen dollars” in a way I am very sure he would not appreciate if I clonked him over the head and then took only fifteen dollars out of his wallet.

I would really like to contact GoDaddy and let them know Josh was a dick. It was not the worst experience I’ve had in customer service, but it is the worst I’ve had with GoDaddy.

Except, evidently, you cannot email GoDaddy. You have to call GoDaddy. That great customer service they pride themselves on must be conducted over the phone so they can address your concern as quickly as possible.

I do not want to call them because I do not want GoDaddy to do anything. Maybe fire Josh immediately and send him on the walk of shame with his headset dangling? But I do not want GoDaddy to do anything FOR me. And I feel if I call to complain, it will be implied that I am looking for action by, for example, giving me the fifteen dollar credit I originally called about. And Josh was an asshole, but I understand from subsequent reading, he was a correct asshole. I do not want GoDaddy to bend the rules or give me a special Josh-was-an-asshole discount. I just want GoDaddy to know about Josh because I want to get good customer service from them in the future and letting them think Josh is good at customer service will not facilitate that happening. Maybe they are making the Josh-From-Billing Customer Service Excellence Award right now as I type! Pretty soon it will be 24 hours of reaching Josh and I will have to decide to switch hosting services and I don’t want to do that.


I like how I complained that I am jumping to wrong conclusions and rushing forward on assumptions in my own work and then also complained about someone not letting me finish a sentence he was so sure of my question and rushed to answer it.

In other news, it has become officially cold (-30 windchill, HIGH of -3) so we have to have a fire going in the wood stove all the time. My skin is itchy and my hair crackles when I put on a shirt. My toes are pretty much never warm unless I am currently in the shower. I am beginning to understand that I can want to move somewhere there are seasons and still not love 100% every aspect of every season. Tom will be gone for two days (trade show) and something I have already learned from his Christmas trip is that this life we chose is definitely not for the soloist. Maybe with a different house, or different cats, a different commute…but as it sits now, we are both required participants in the daily maintenance of this life. And that goes doubly for when the weather necessitates the wood stove. I am all about equality and toting in wood myself, lighting fires, maintaining fires…but it means while I’m doing that he is making dinner or giving a cat medicine or washing dishes.  When it’s just one of us here, something definitely falls to the wayside.  Usually sanity.

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