It’s About Time

The weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving feel like the slowest time of the year for our business.

I believe some of late March and early April is the true “dead time” contender (and sometimes part of February and May depending on how brutal the winter and how bashful the spring). But then we are preparing for the busy tourist time between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Right now, there is definitely a little prep work going on. Starting the weekend before Thanksgiving, our downtown will host an event every Saturday for four weeks straight.

But the day-to-day at the shop has slowed to a crawl. Even the orders coming in for the winter season are smaller, more muted, than the big, bold newness of gear that explodes in the spring months.

I am trying to enjoy it. It’s hard to turn off my brain after seven months of mental acrobatics. It’s harder to let my mind wander to long term projects after so many days in a row of just trying to make it through the day.

Today, a Saturday, it was pretty dead in town. There have been angry, blustery little snow flurries that whip through the air but can’t find purchase on land. After checking off my list, I left Tom at the helm and came home.

I walked the dogs (one foster, one permanent). I emptied the dishwasher. I filled the bird feeders.

I am enjoying it.

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