On a Roll

My brain is mush. I’ve been go-go-go all day.

Currently, Mondays are my Thursdays. I usually take off Wednesday and Thursday. It also makes Fridays my Mondays which let’s not even. But two days off in a row still feels very luxurious so I muddle through somehow.

It’s the beginning of the month which means end-of-month accounting, new month newsletters…I just paused writing this to check three other browser tabs and two spreadsheets. Enough said.

…And now I’ve deleted an entire paragraph where I basically summed up all my to-do list. You’re welcome.

One bright moment started early today when a customer came to browse then called me over to discuss a boot she was trying on. It was a men’s boot. But here’s the thing – everyone’s feet are different! Men can have dainty feet and women have clod-hoppers!

So I mentioned the boots were technically a “men’s” fit, but that can feel good to women especially if their feet are a bit wide. We found a good size for her in the “women’s” style, then found a better size in the men’s than what she first tried on.

As soon as she put them on, I knew they were sold.

I absolutely LOVE putting people in the right shoe for them. In 2013 when we were hiking the Appalachian Trail, I let an outfitter in Franklin, North Carolina put me into a pair of shoes I had never heard of before. Those shoes changed my life. I’m wearing my 9th pair of them right now.

I know that every pair of shoes that leaves my store are not life-changing. Some people have easy feet. Some people buy something on sale even though a full-price pair felt better. Some people are desperate for footwear and buy the best thing we have for them even though it’s not perfect.

But sometimes…sometimes…I get a glimpse of myself trying on that shoe for the first time in 2013 when I see a customer slide on the perfect shoe. It never fails to give me a contact high.

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