Old School

Today I am writing because I set myself a goal to write daily.

(Some days I write but not here. And some days I don’t make my goal.)

I don’t particularly want to write. My brain is too scrambled for good writing. But I have 3 more hours of sitting here in the shop and I already caught up on accounting, cleaning, ordering, and advertising.

(November – up until Black Friday – is one of our slowest times of year.)

I do need to schedule social media and brain storm some content but evidently I want to do that even less than I want to write.

(I need to put something in parentheses here to stay on theme.)

This morning we had to get up extra early to meet some people who wanted us to see some land together. Since Tom and I only have three days off a year together (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter), this had to happen early on a Sunday when we open an hour later than the rest of the week.

(I paused writing to gather up trash, wipe down the bathroom, do a 20-minute yoga video I missed at home with our early morning meeting, and make a snack. No one came in the store during that entire time.)

We woke up to snow. Which shouldn’t have surprised me since we woke up to snow yesterday. But for some reason it did. It is by no means unusual to have snow at this time. However I am still in the mindset of all the things I want to get done before snow gets here. And I thought yesterday’s snow was some fool’s snow. That snow that all melts away by the end of the day so you can’t even tell that it snowed.

(Part of my snack is green beans – a slight fluttering nod to the idea of a well-balanced diet. They froze in the fridge and I did not notice until now. So I’ve put them at my feet with the space heater. I’ll keep you updated.)

The snow made this morning’s meeting harder, but also sweeter. This came together at the last minute and felt a little rushed but it probably couldn’t have waited. The next time we hike that path will be on snowshoes or in May. The snow also made things pretty and festive. Fall colors are long gone here. Unless it’s an evergreen, it’s brown now.

(The space heater did nothing. It doesn’t help I transferred the green beans to a mug that had been used for hot chocolate two days ago. Now I am shoveling mushy-but-also-ice-spiked green beans into my mouth and trying to ignore that wrong-sweetness aftertaste.)

The moral of this story is that when I don’t feel like writing, sometimes it’s because I have nothing to write about. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

(This has taken me two hours and still no one has entered the shop.)

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