The Age of The Bum Knee

On Sunday, I hurt my knee?

I’m pretty sure it didn’t hurt before Sunday. I know by the end of the early AM hike it did hurt.

But from what? Why? How? These are questions on which my knee pleads the fifth.

It doesn’t even hurt consistently. There is a vague menacing aura surrounding every step. It only really hurts if I forget to mince or try to take the stairs “normally” (each foot getting it’s own step instead of this weird cha-cha where I must step down with my right and let my left kind of tag along).

After a day of this, however, there is something that does hurt consistently – my left hip.

It is never has sharp as the knee pain, but achy enough that I limit the number of times I bend or twist. I can’t sit in one spot for very long or the pain worsens. I can’t stand for very long or the pain worsens.

I am trying to be a nice person to be around but it’s hard. Pain makes me grumpy. Restricted activity makes me grumpy.

Realizing I’m at that age where my body can just randomly decide things hurt or don’t work makes me *really* grumpy.

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