The Weird Business – A List

Things I find strange about being a business owner:

-How little Tom and I carpool. Open 7 days/week, if we each take 2 days off that leaves 3 days for us to carpool. But the convenience of someone coming in late/leaving early saves our sanity and ensures more chores get done. In the busy season when there are people in the shop from open until after close, we often carpool. But this time of year when it’s slow and we can eek out a little more work on home renovations? We’re lucky if we carpool 1/week.

-I will never forget after we’d been open for a month or two and sold a large ticket item – a backpack, a tent, something like that – and I was so against buying another one. It is such a financial hardship to start a retail business and we’d seen so much money leave our bank account that when this few hundred dollars came in our direction, I wanted to take the money and run. Luckily Tom understood that replacing something that sold increases the likelihood of selling it again and finally managed to convince me. These days, I’m more likely to balk at bringing in a whole new brand, but very on top of re-ordering.

-How good of a salesperson I can be. It’s not in my personality and not something I’m interested in acquiring. But I am passionate about the outdoors and the brands we sell. That translates into excitement when customers have questions about gear and can be very good selling tool.

-How poor of a speaker I can be. I can get stuck on phrases that don’t quite mean what I’m trying to say and let the end of my sentence drop off as I get confused by multiple questions/customers/attention demands at the same time. I will sometimes use the exact opposite of the word I want. And let’s not discuss my live-TV or radio spots. Please.

-How much I would enjoy being my own boss. Yes, I have frustrations at times and sometimes I chafe at time or money or talent limitations that mean I can’t always achieve my planned project result. But every one of those frustrations and limitations is mine to fix. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but it is for me.

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