Look! I erased that generic “This is a wordpress about page!”

Not that I have anything interesting to write in it’s place. But I want partial credit.

About me:

Currently (spring/summer 2013) hiking the entire Appalachian Trail (from Georgia to Maine) with my husband Tom before we set out on a cross- country move from Florida to Wisconsin.

Born and raised in Chicago. (Once I tell someone Chicago, they say, “what part?” assuming I mean a suburb. To which I reply, “Chicago, Chicago. The south side.” Then people usually go, “Ooooh.” And then I bite them. Because I am as bad as bad, bad Leroy Brown).

I moved to St. Petersburg, Florida for college in 1993. My freshman year I dated an alumni and I swore I’d never stick around the town like he did.

I live in Clearwater, Florida.

I was born in 1975. That should keep this from getting woefully out-of-date. Of course, it also means I can’t come visit and pretend I’m 31 forever.

I divorced. I dated some. Then I dated Tom. Then I married Tom because I can’t do anything just once. (Who was born before 1975! HA! I can’t stay young, but at least I’ll always be younger!) (and I will also always be twelve mentally. That helps.)

And we love each other. A lot. But who wants to barf reading my about page?

I also live with three cats (Pixie, Spike, Celeste), a dog (Lady), and some fish. The fish are technically Pixie’s pets but I don’t notice her ass cleaning their damn tank.

I have degrees. In stuff*. They led to a job doing things**. I hated all of it and went back in school. Then I met Tom, the condo couldn’t sell, and an opportunity arose to work at a nonprofit I’ve volunteered at for over 10+ years. I then spent 2 years as part-time caregiver to my grandmother. She passed away August 2012. I miss her very much, but she was my last tie to Florida so now we are free to pursue dreams outside the sunshine state.

I’m friendly with many exes. I love the internet but don’t get myspace. Despite what literary atrocities you find here, I’ve vetoed dates on account of their spelling/grammar. I can multi-task like the devil but also take on too much and that can backfire in spectacular meltdowns.

I don’t have a problem saying no. I just prefer yes because I want to regret things I’ve done versus things I didn’t do.

Why Jessica in Progress? When will Jessica be done? Jessica Complete? Jessica Finished?

I’m in progress until I die. I learn. I laugh. I hurt. I share.

I enjoy. I hope you do too.


**Software engineering (coding, design, test) for a defense contractor.

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