Come Closer

“So, you don’t really talk much about yourself. Why?”

“Um…I don’t know? I’m…shy?”

“I was worried it was something I had done. I don’t usually monopolize the conversation.”

“What do you want to know?”

“…Wow…I hadn’t expected that… I know that you’re from Chicago. You came down here for Eckerd college. Went to FSU…. I don’t know. I know there’s more there. I just don’t know how to get to it.”

Sweetie, you just came closer than anyone else in a long time.

Letter to the Corisca Driver

OK, I’ve become that girl who meets a guy and then ignores her friends. Or at least, electronically I have.

Yesterday, for the first time perhaps since I started the blog, I was too busy at work to jot down any notes for you guys. Instead, I wrote the new boy.

Shame, shame.

In truth, this is a busy, hard week for me and I’m not sure if I’ll think of anything witty to say.

However, I did remember a funny tidbit from my drive home Sunday from a friend’s bakery:

Dear Mr. Chevy Corisca driver,

While I am not a religious authority, I am pretty sure that Jesus would not CUT ME OFF AND NEARLY KILL ME.

Real men love Jesus and use their turn signals.

Peace be with you,


Fashionista Strikes Again

Guy in Cube Next Door: “When you wear something like that to work, I feel like I’m at a fashion show.”

Me: “You don’t get to many fashion shows, do you?”

(Note to self: not that hard to braid hair, pick out dangly earrings, and wear skirt.)


Me: It’s just a skirt…

GCND: …and the boots! And the attitude!

Me: (crossing my legs and swiveling in my chair) What attitude?!

I love making the boys laugh. Even when the boys are old, balding engineers with mail-order brides.

Can I get a witness?

I’ve tried to post a few times today, but everything in my head is sad and unfinished.

Good things about today:

1) Hanging out with friends

2) Spiced eggnog latte

3) Catnip

Bad things about today:

1) Finding out it’s not likely I’ll have my maiden name back by Christmas.

2) Laundry did not do itself.

3) New neighbors hammering at 2am.

Walking through a bookstore today, I saw a book who’s main character has just had several horrible things (lost job, boyfriend left) occur in her life and then she gets amnesia. She realizes she has this wonderful clean slate and she can do whatever she wants.

I ran up to a friend, “I want amnesia!”


“I want to start over, clean slate.”

“Yeah, but it would suck when your memory came back.”

“No. It’s not coming back. I want to go away and start over.”

“Oh. You want a witness relocation plan for your brain!”

Sign me up baby. And while we’re at it, could these 10 lbs. that came out of no where be relocated too?

Spooning the faucet in a non dirty way of course

I had an absolutely wonderful evening with friends last night which included spending some time curled up in their kitchen sink.

One friend was making rice crispie treats, one was playing on the computer. The RCT friend exclaimed, on finding me spooning the faucet, “I love having you over, you’re so low-maintenance!”

I burst into laughter.

“OK, ” RCT amended, “You’re a low-maintenance friend.”

You have to start somewhere, right?