Back in The Saddle Shoes

It’s been two months since I got off the Appalachian Trail in Fort Montgomery, NY.  It was supposed to be a quick resupply, shower, and move on.  I had no idea how sick I was until the next day when I could barely walk.

I miss hiking.  But I do not necessarily miss hiking the AT.  I have followed several hikers on and seen their pictures.  We were getting into more and more challenging ascents where there are stretches re-bar jammed into a side of a rock.  That’s…climbing.  Something I’m not very comfortable with or interested in.

I do want to finish the trail.   As turned off as I am of the pictures of re-bar ascents and slippery granite descents, I am excited by the pictures of Maine.  The lakes…the moose…the views.  It definitely looks worth it.

(BTW, I have heard from Handstand.  She climbed Katahdin early this week!)

It took me about a month until I was healed to the point I could throw on clothes and go about a normal day without stopping to apply ointment or a poultice of Epsom salts.  Since then I’ve stayed pretty busy.  Any time I want exercise I only have to consult our task list.  I’ve raked and chopped wood and moved furniture and excavated.

The cabin is located on a small lake in the north woods of Wisconsin.  My father swam across it once when he was in college.  A friend canoed next to him and when they got to the other side they switched places.  Swimming across has never interested me that much.  But walking around the lake has.  It always seemed like this huge project.  And then there was the fact that Tom and I had such little time up here and since he doesn’t like road walking it never was on our agenda.

But now that we live here and I’ve hiked the AT, I realized the less than 10 mile walk was a completely doable task even on a not-so-slow day.  So to commemorate 2 months off trail and 1 month of healthy limbs, I set off today a little before lunch.


A Hill!

I wasn’t even sure how far it was.  I’d always heard seven miles from my grandparents.  My brother whose done the route via bike thought it was closer to nine.  Turns out to be damn near in the middle.


How kind of them to map even though 3.4 mph is definitely not a “run”.

Even though this is area I’ve driven past time after time after time, it felt new from the eyes of a walker.  I found a large patch of blueberry bushes I hope fruit next year, and I small patch of blackberries still holding on to this year’s crop.

I hope to get on a “real” hike soon.  But it felt great to get back in wool socks and a day pack today.


Supposedly old Christmas tree farm that’s gone to Prairie now.