Dear #JohnGreen

I’ve said before I am a fan of the vlogbrothers – John and Hank Green.  Despite being older than them both, and somehow MORE yet also LESS nerdy than them both.

This past weekend, I successfully negotiated most of the weekend off from working the store by bringing to light I hadn’t had a weekend day off in almost two months.

Then I sat around the house all like, huh.  What do I do now?

Saturday I worked on a website for the Eagle River Business Association that I recently volunteered to administrate.  (  And our own website.  And I cooked a few things.  And then Tom came home and was all like, “So you didn’t take the day off at all?”

Dear John Green who may be having a midlife crisis,

use “like” and “all” in place of “said”, “retorted”, and “admonished”.  You will feel a ton younger.  Hashtag NOT REALLY.

Love, Jessica In Progress.

And I retorted (was like), “Yes I did!”

Then I had to do it all again on Sunday.  And by 11am I had run out of things to do and had to figure out what I wanted to do for pleasure.

I remembered waaay back over the Long Winter of 2013/2014 that Tom and I started watching vlogbrothers from the start on our big screen TV through our PS3.  It was a short lived marathon because as of January 2014 Hiker Box, LLC became a real thing and we started a marathon of Giving Money to Other People so Even More Other People Would Give Us Money.

Ah, retail.

(Have I mentioned I truly love that we started the store?  Because I do.  Just today I sold people on good hiking socks that I WEAR EVERY DAY THEY ARE AWESOME.  And I feel, in a small way, that I made the lives of those people better somehow.  Through footwear. Really, Really, Good footwear.)


Sunday afternoon, all productive avenues demolished, I decided to pick up on watching vlogbrothers from the beginning.

Today, I watched November 1st: When Nerdfighter Fall in Nerdfighter-Like.  Where John Green tries to raise $100 for a train ticket for Nerdfighters to meet in real person.

Then I switched to my current subscriptions where the vlogbrothers video is “A Minor Crisis“. Where John Green mentions that their 501c(3) charity, The Foundation To Decrease World Suck, has $45,000 in the bank before their biggest fundraiser of the year.  And that he feels old because “Looking for Alaska“, his first YA novel, is 10 years-old.

Dear John Green,

As an old Nerdfighter, my advice to you is to watch those two videos back to back.  Midlife old feelings may not be abolished by such viewing, but like, I was all “How very cool.”


Jessica In Progress